I never thought I would be leaving a review about how Pranic (healing) helped me. Before I met my wife and she introduced me to Trina, I was most definitely a “this is the way things have been so this is how they always will be it’s too late to change” type of person. I wasn’t willing to give anything or anyone a chance because I just knew it wouldn’t work.

I’ve had Trina do Pranic twice for me throughout the last six or seven months. A bit of back story — physically my health was declining, my heart was constantly having me in the hospital; mentally I was silently struggling and had been for years; and emotionally I was lost trying to figure out my purpose. It’s like I wasn’t aware of how heavy I constantly felt 24/7 just walking around with the weight of all the things I swore l was “taking care of”, dealing with them properly. I had very low expectations going into this as that’s how I went into everything. Just not expecting much.

She was so understanding of my lack of knowledge when it came to everything, always explaining things to me making sure I had all the information to make the best decision. She made sure I was always the most important person involved in my care, answering every question no matter how big or small.

BUT this is one time I’m 10000000% happy to say I was WRONG and she absolutely blew it out of the water. I was thinking it wouldn’t help me, I know it’s different for everyone and I know it doesn’t happen overnight. Over the last few months since Pranic it’s like a light turned on inside my body, but I had to go down before I could go up so it forced me to face emotions and past trauma in order to get me to where I am now today. The biggest thing is how light I feel now in a sense of how I used to constantly feel overwhelmed and heavy with the stresses of life, my heart rate stays within normal range so I’m not constantly passing out, I’m sleeping again and I just feel whole. The way that Trina has helped me not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually, is indescribable and even now it’s hard to find words to express how much I appreciate everything she’s done helping me on my spiritual journey and continues to do so. I would 100/10 recommend using any of her services.

Tyler Brooks, Awesome Human Being

Thank you so much Trina for the Pranic healing session! She is so amazing and cleared a major malignant block that had been weighing me down for years. She gave me tools to continue healing and cord cutting as well. I finally feel free! 💖

Ceilah Barnes, Yogi & Yoga Instructor

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“I can’t thank Trina enough for the pranic healing she did on me while I was in pre-labour. This was a distant healing as Trina is based in the USA and I am in Perth, Western Australia. I was feeling quite anxious due to the very traumatic birth of my first child. Trina was able to see and cut a lot of cords for me which made me feel as if a huge weight had been lifted. She did a general clearing of my aura and chakras and a little bit of energisation if I remember correctly. I was 3 centimeters dilated when I arrived at the hospital for my induction (induction for medical reasons). I was fairly relaxed, not so anxious and I was able to make it through the majority of my 5 hour labour without pain relief. I did use the gas in the last 20 minutes. My little boy arrived so quickly and was healthy. I am so grateful for the part Trina played in this trauma healing birth that I was able to have. I was diagnosed with PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder] after my first birth and I am happy to report that this birth had a healing effect mentally. Thank you Trina, Namaste 🙏”

Louise, Pranic Healer & Master Angel Practitioner, Perth, Australia

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“I have known Trina for a couple of years and it is beautiful to watch her transformation to become a healer and a reader. I received a card reading from her through which she gave me much needed insight of an unresolved situation. Trina is very gentle with giving guidance and is a very intuitive person. I highly recommend her services.”

Svetlana, Las Vegas

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“I received a reading from Trina a few months ago in a time where clarity was much needed. I was having trouble identifying the source of emotional reaction to a situation I was in. Through her reading and open energy I was able to find an energetic wound that was triggered from my past. After that interaction the weight was lifted and I was able to begin healing. Trina has provided validation, clarity and divine support through all of our encounters.”

Carli Ann, Artist, Colorado

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“Trina has a wonderful and personal way with connecting with Spirit. She is very genuine in her work, and she has the intention for the highest good of all. Recently, I was bestowed a crystal and a scarf from her, which she (energetically) charged before sending to me. It was a unique signature, which immediately uplifted my spirits and produced a rushing flow of energy. I am thankful for her work.”

Cam, Shaman, Reiki & Metatronia Therapy Healer, California