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Light Language to Clear Distortions and Align with Your True Divine Nature

By Trina Otero Originally recorded August 4, 2017 right before Lion's Gate Portal. A few weeks ago I felt the calling to upload this along with another Light Language video to make it public. There are no barriers within time and space, healing is NOW for all those willing and ready to receive. ♡ May … Continue reading Light Language to Clear Distortions and Align with Your True Divine Nature

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∞♡∞ There is Nothing Like Divine [Unconditional] Love ∞♡∞

By Trina Otero It's that simple. ❤ May the Light always guide you. Namaste, T.O. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWLMQigUuzs ________________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work! ❤ All works by Trina Otero is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

True Love is Divine Love – Feeling God

By Trina Otero True Love is Divine Love. Unconditional Love. Like Elizabeth Gilbert nicely described it - like sitting in the palm of God's hand. When you feel True Love you feel "washed over," "overwhelmed" with peace, acceptance, joy, gratitude, be-ing. We have the capability to tap into this vast, transformative love by spending quiet … Continue reading True Love is Divine Love – Feeling God

Falling out of love

How People Fall Out of Love

By Trina Otero Falling in love, true love, is when two people see one another's soul, the soul which is void of the human flaws that have been acquired while on earth. The soul is pure. Lovers become distant because of pain.. Hurt feelings. Lovers become distant because someone's expectations aren't met, the beautiful shining … Continue reading How People Fall Out of Love

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Mariposas: I Just Want to Navigate a Dream

By Trina Otero Mariposas by Belanova Butterflies inside of my body all is movement I'm a movement watch how the universe rotates that's what I feel that's what I feel No, I'm not going to stop I'm not going to stop today, no I'll fly on your skin I don't know where I'll arrive I'm not afraid … Continue reading Mariposas: I Just Want to Navigate a Dream

True love vs. dysfunction

True Love Vs. Dysfunction

By Trina Otero Hey lovers, let's remind ourselves of this. The battle between Fear & Love is "real." Ugh, damn duality. You could say it's like the way between good and evil. Light and Dark. But it's real, and until you learn how to transform your fears into Love, you will need to continually, actively … Continue reading True Love Vs. Dysfunction

Love Letter #2

By Trina Otero Dear Beloved, Some words for you... “You have always heard, ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears.’ On the same note, when your heart is ready your SoulMate appears. Not because they have not been there! But because you have been unable to recognize them. The moment you can ‘read’ with … Continue reading Love Letter #2

I Don’t Want to Wake Up from This Tonight

http://youtu.be/vmWUUPl8DD4 December 25 is an auspicious day. All my friends tell me I should move on I'm lying in the ocean, singing your song Ahhh, that's how you sang it Loving you forever, can't be wrong Even though you're not here, won't move on Ahhh, that's how we played it And there's no remedy for … Continue reading I Don’t Want to Wake Up from This Tonight

We’re Under the Same Sky

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRumPMOxAb0 It's raining in Italy...after some meditation on the porch I craved music. Jess suggested this song, and well, hey, can't complain! My mind wanders to a special someone. Ciao, T.O.

Looking in the Mirror