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Traveling Thoughts

By Trina Otero Every time I take to the road I feel surges of inspirational energy, and I daydream of blank pages to fill. Crisp, white pages in a book just screaming for me to write on. I know where my destination is, but I'm never sure what or who I will encounter along the … Continue reading Traveling Thoughts


My first sunrise in Italy! Have a wonderful, blessed day/night everyone! Namaste, T.O.

Fives and Threes…

As the time to leave to Italy draws near [40 days left to be exact] I have been prepping -- and by prepping I mean attempting to find a good flight. Well, the other day as I was about to hop on my laptop to search for flights, I looked down at my phone and … Continue reading Fives and Threes…

City of Concrete & Metal

By Trina Otero "My heart mourns a little. So much concrete and metal." - T.O. [Don't be afraid to click on the photos below!] Namaste, T.O.

Just Wondering

By Trina Otero My sister and I have driven through a few towns in Arizona on our way to the Grand Canyon that literally takes like 10 seconds to pass through. The sight of these small, humble towns causes me to wonder what life is like here. Namaste, T.O.

Zombies in Chicago

By Trina Otero It's cold. A stupid cold for the month of March, and the wind is nippy. I guess that's why they call it The Windy City. BUT the sun is so brilliant and the birds are singing their hearts out to the city folk. Everywhere I look I see amazing, beautiful people - … Continue reading Zombies in Chicago

Somewhere on I-15 N

By Trina OteroI can see the night sky full of stars. It's magnificent. The dark silhouette of the mountains merge with the sea of sky, which is adorned with thousands of twinkling diamonds. When I stare for a long while, everything else in my sight melts away, and only me and the sky exist.