alchemy of fear into love

The Alchemy of Fear

  By Trina Otero "Let my love be greater than my fears. Let my love swallow up my fears and not digest it. No, let it mother the fears until it blooms into its own blossom." - T.O. May the Light guide you. Namaste, T.O. _________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work … Continue reading The Alchemy of Fear

Shadow self

Bring Forward Your Shadows

"Bring forward your shadows. Your dark side. Because once the Light pierces the slightest of surfaces you will see them disappear, dissipate, vanish. Illusions. They were always Illusions." - T.O.

The Dark Side of the Moon

By Trina Otero Sometimes words cannot express what we feel, what we experience within us. It is at this moment we must communicate with our whole being. I acknowledge [the dark side of the Moon] I embrace [the dark side of the Moon] I release [the dark side of the Moon] Namaste T.O.

The Poetic Expression of Transition

By Trina Otero Transition periods are twilight zones - neither here nor there. Just suspended in space, waiting. At a rest stop. A crossroads. Neither dead nor alive, it is the in-between state. Spirituality is full of wonder, magic, joy and peace, but it is also full of periodic deaths. When I dig deeper into … Continue reading The Poetic Expression of Transition

Mr. Moth Brings Me a Message

By Trina Otero Right after I posted The Anticipation of Change I walked outside the hotel with some of the girls from my group, but I was very quiet. I have felt a shift within me and around me all day. I tried to explain what I felt, but I couldn't. I don't feel sadness, … Continue reading Mr. Moth Brings Me a Message

The Anticipation of Change

By Trina Otero I am still on the Charles Virtue Master Course in Italy, and I have felt so much transformation and healing within myself that I never expected. And... I am learning and remembering so much, at the soul level, that I am consumed. Until today when I felt a calling in the air, … Continue reading The Anticipation of Change

healing for men, getting in touch with emotions

Face on the Ground

By Trina Otero "When you fall down, you discover humility. There, you find peace." -- T.O. Get pissed off. Allow the sadness to surface. Quit fighting the emotions you feel, instead embrace them... Sometimes that break-down is all you need. Once you are face-first on the ground, you will realize there is no where to … Continue reading Face on the Ground

Video: My Personal Message to Stay Focused & Centered this Month

By Trina Otero After I recorded this video in the a.m., I saw the numerological reading my friend posted for the day. It completely resonated with me, and with what I mentioned in my video. So I am including it here! "The key word for today is healing. There are many things that have been … Continue reading Video: My Personal Message to Stay Focused & Centered this Month