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A Writer’s Voice Doesn’t Need to be Found

By Trina Otero Pretty much every writer is told by someone or another that they'll need to find their own voice. I was told that. When I think about that I find it ridiculously silly - a writer doesn't need to "find" her voice. She doesn't need to find it because she hears it 24/7, … Continue reading A Writer’s Voice Doesn’t Need to be Found

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The Savage You Become…

"You tear down our sacred land in the name of development and civilization, but the more civilized you feel the more savage you become." -- T.O.

The Truth Is…

By Trina Otero

Video: My Personal Message to Stay Focused & Centered this Month

By Trina Otero After I recorded this video in the a.m., I saw the numerological reading my friend posted for the day. It completely resonated with me, and with what I mentioned in my video. So I am including it here! "The key word for today is healing. There are many things that have been … Continue reading Video: My Personal Message to Stay Focused & Centered this Month

On the Same Page & Random Characters

Life is funny. Literally. Don't you think? When I'm sipping on some amazing Italian white wine or daydreaming in the shower, I often reflect on the people that have been in my life or the ones currently in it. Have you ever had those amazingly awesome people cross your path, and they are so fun. … Continue reading On the Same Page & Random Characters

For Tio Artie

by Trina Otero Familia: I did write this from my point of view and my beliefs, and it's from the heart. This is intended to express what I believe AND to bring comfort (I hope). So here's the deal. My uncle's heart abruptly stopped (I believe) and he went into a coma. My facts may … Continue reading For Tio Artie

Random Acts of Ciao-ing

Jessica and I went to a beautiful nature park in Brugnera today, and we slowly walked down a shaded area that had large, tall trees lining both sides of the path. As always, Jessica had her camera and camera bag, and I decided to bring my art journal. Every person I passed by I greeted … Continue reading Random Acts of Ciao-ing

The Blindness

Have you ever been so focused that you would not allow anything to deter you from your goal or destination? Have you ever felt that adrenaline rush, and then the slow-crawling what-the-fuck feeling once you arrived to your end point? It's like, you always knew you would get there...but for some reason the reality of … Continue reading The Blindness

We celebrate this time with you now. – channeled by Ron Head

“The flood of energy approaching you as we speak is massive. There is nothing more than the intent to ride it out and take utmost advantage of it that is required of you. If that means, in your particular case, that you need to lie down and rest, then do that. If you wish to dance with the moon, then do that. Let your heart and your body guide you for the next few days. But remember to breathe the energies into yourselves and let them bring to you what they are meant to bring.”

Oracles and Healers

super moon



On this day we would ask you to center yourselves as much as possible and prepare yourselves for the immense energies you will receive during this super moon and solstice.  Continue to focus upon the inner changes you have been concentrating on, and allow the energies themselves to make the changes in your outer world that can and will be made.

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