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Let My Existence Awaken You

By Trina Otero Let my existence sing to your heart and light up your soul. Let it shatter through the barricades of your mind, to free you from the deep slumber of which they want you to remain in. This is a wake-up call. - T.O. Wake Up. Namaste 🙏 ______________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love … Continue reading Let My Existence Awaken You

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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 11 – Focus on New Experiences!

By Trina Otero Day 11: Focus on New Experiences! "Having New Experiences Enhance Your Brain's Neurons' Neural Connections. This will keep Your Mind Young & Vibrant. It gets rid of Old memories, in order to Make Room for New Ones. You will also be Open to Universal Information, which contains Endless Possibilities, because Your Mind … Continue reading Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 11 – Focus on New Experiences!

Farewell Gifts Spark Inspiration

I am such a lucky person to have anyone see me off to Italy today. I was in such a rush to make it to my gate that I did not have a long chance to look at my gifts. My former coworker and friend Tammy, along with one of my former students, Yared, bought … Continue reading Farewell Gifts Spark Inspiration