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OMTW Entry 4: Happy New Moon

By Trina Otero Written May 4, 2019 Peace and ...coconut oil grease? ✌️ T.O. Tune into my podcast: She of the Throne! Click the image below to be taken to Anchor, where you can choose which platform to listen on (or simply search for it in your fav platform💙) Inspired? Share my Love but … Continue reading OMTW Entry 4: Happy New Moon


💫 Where the Magic Begins 💫

By Trina Otero After experiencing hell, I was quickly able to identify peace and this is why my heart sung with gratitude to the Creator. Thank you, after Thank you, after Thank you....and complete surrender to my path. Gratitude is how it all began for me. Faith & Gratitude... And the light, love, glory, and … Continue reading 💫 Where the Magic Begins 💫

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Purpose [and Love] Lead Me to Philly

By Trina Otero [Originally written August 30, 2014] Surrendering was the best thing I've ever done. I'm sure some of you have found, or have been led back to, your (spiritual) path & purpose after experiencing some kind of drastic event or series of events. And that's how it was for me. From 2009-2011 I … Continue reading Purpose [and Love] Lead Me to Philly

The Journey to Your Soul

By Trina Otero Namaste, T.O.

The Art of Surrender

By Trina Otero

Surrender is a beautiful thing ❤

May the Light guide you.

Pathway to Joy and Healing


Today was a beautiful day in the mountains where I live with the sun shining and birds singing. I spent most of my day with fellow flameworkers, who work with hot glass on a torch. It was the perfect day to create something beautiful inglass reflecting this wonderful day in spring.  It has been almost six months since I last flameworked, so I felt a little rusty at it.

As I began to create my piece, I very much wanted to control everything about my creation.  As you can imagined, the glass refused to cooperate, and I needed to start over.  As I began again, I consciously shut off the left side of my brain, the side that wants to control, that wants to repeat procedures, and that wants to this process done quickly.  As I shut off the left side of my brain, I began to feel relaxed, I…

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a quote about letting go to allow miracles

End of the Year Mantra

By Trina Otero "I am free. I am ready." Namaste, T.O.