Motivation for All the Go-Getters! By Trina Otero Saw this awesome video on Anik Singal's website right before I began working on my to-do list, and that gave me the extra oomph I needed to keep my focus on my intentions for the day! Enjoy! Namaste, T.O.

Video: Manifesting Your Dreams :) I wanted to briefly talk about dreams and how they ARE obtainable. Having a dream [a.k.a. goal] and dreaming big is something we should ALL DO. Everything I say is from my experience and my own research, and of course everyone is free to believe me or not. 🙂 Beauty of free will. I … Continue reading Video: Manifesting Your Dreams đź™‚

The Blindness

Have you ever been so focused that you would not allow anything to deter you from your goal or destination? Have you ever felt that adrenaline rush, and then the slow-crawling what-the-fuck feeling once you arrived to your end point? It's like, you always knew you would get there...but for some reason the reality of … Continue reading The Blindness

My Anthem — I’m a Renegade I believe everyone should pay attention to lyrics -- then you can decipher real music from the noise. Electro and dubstep are dope as hell, but powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics turn a dope dub track into a stellar mindfuck [in a good way]! Every person should listen to Eva Simons' lyrics in this … Continue reading My Anthem — I’m a Renegade

New Year’s Wishes from the Heart By Trina Otero Originally, I shared this video with all my friends and family on New Year's Eve instead of calling and texting at midnight. I discovered my message touched the hearts of some of my friends and family, so I decided perhaps I shouldn't hide my Love from the rest of the world. … Continue reading New Year’s Wishes from the Heart