unconditional love, eternal love

The Love Jones

By Trina Otero My spinach & kale mix has the Love Jones like I do 💓💕💓 My heart is so full, full of Love from the Creator. God never stops showing me the unconditional love that is here for me - through the air, flowers, trees; through the majesty of mountains and the rolling thunder … Continue reading The Love Jones

Show compassion to others

Do You Perceive Some People As Being “Negative?”

By Trina Otero I remember early in my journey I used to label people and things as negative or positive.. And that served me well for that particular time of my growth. But as my understanding deepened and I became more aware of myself, which in turn gave me understanding of others, I realized the … Continue reading Do You Perceive Some People As Being “Negative?”

Unconditional Lovers should not doubt their gift

Video: A Message for True Lovers

By Trina Otero If you are a Lover, a loving soul who shares unconditional love, and you find yourself questioning yourself and your essence with nonsensical things like, "Why do I have to be so vulnerable?"; "Why do I do this every time?"; "I wish I didn't love so much.. " ; "People take advantage … Continue reading Video: A Message for True Lovers