Video: Manifesting Your Dreams :) I wanted to briefly talk about dreams and how they ARE obtainable. Having a dream [a.k.a. goal] and dreaming big is something we should ALL DO. Everything I say is from my experience and my own research, and of course everyone is free to believe me or not. 🙂 Beauty of free will. I … Continue reading Video: Manifesting Your Dreams 🙂

Friday’s Affirmation

"I meditate on the magnificence of the Being that has created this universe. May It illuminate my mind." - Initiation by Elisabeth Haich Namaste, T.O.

Dear Beacons of Light, Lightworkers, Lightbearers, Starseeds, Indigo Children

By Trina Otero Dear Ones, Go away when you need to -- to reflect, heal, and find what you feel is calling out to you. But do not stay secluded after you find what you seek. What good is Light if it is kept hidden from the darkness? How will the world see a beacon … Continue reading Dear Beacons of Light, Lightworkers, Lightbearers, Starseeds, Indigo Children

It’s As Simple As…

It's as simple as asking, "If it's for my highest good, please bring it into my life. I allow and embrace it. If it's not for my highest good, let it be so. I understand and accept this. ॐNamasteॐ T.O.

My Life, My Message

Let my life be my message. ॐNamasteॐ

Stop Running

Physically running away from emotions/thoughts (anything you feel internally) won't get rid of what troubles you. It will only distract you for awhile. Pretty beaches. Parties. New lovers. New clothes. Road trips. Drugs. All distractions if secretly you are hoping your internal turmoil will magically disappear. If you feel uncomfortable now.. as in you feel … Continue reading Stop Running

honoring sacred feminine

The Eye of the Beholder

By Trina Otero Why wait for someone to notice the beauty that is Present? Why wait for confirmation to what I already feel and know? I am in love with myself, my body. My curves remind me of Earth and her beautiful creations. My skin reminds me of glistening desert sand under the sun. It … Continue reading The Eye of the Beholder

New Year’s Wishes from the Heart By Trina Otero Originally, I shared this video with all my friends and family on New Year's Eve instead of calling and texting at midnight. I discovered my message touched the hearts of some of my friends and family, so I decided perhaps I shouldn't hide my Love from the rest of the world. … Continue reading New Year’s Wishes from the Heart

11:11 Wishes

By Trina Otero Exactly one year ago (11.11.11) I made a wish at 11:11 p.m. With harnessed optimism and excitement, I sat on my favorite red sofa in my midtown Indianapolis apartment, closed my eyes and allowed my mind to stand still. Then I made my wish. I prayed for spiritual growth, to be filled … Continue reading 11:11 Wishes