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Wild Woman: Cycles of Questing and Resting

By Trina Otero "The psyches and souls of women also have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul-place." -- Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and … Continue reading Wild Woman: Cycles of Questing and Resting

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Instructions for White Sage Wolf

By Trina Otero They whispered, "Walk softly. Move gracefully. Leave prints of Light. Protect. Lead with humility. Be firm when needed. Observe. Perfect your fierce gaze. Speak with discernment. Use your senses, feel, and above all, anchor in the Light." - T.O. aka White Sage Wolf. May the Light guide you. Namaste, T.O. _______________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? … Continue reading Instructions for White Sage Wolf

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Spider Medicine

By Trina Otero I drove by my favorite forested area for a few minutes to spend silence and connect in nature and to express my gratitude for the unfolding of current events. With such a full heart and teary eyes I looked out into the trees and expressed my Love and gratitude. I just want … Continue reading Spider Medicine

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Red Cardinal Medicine

By Trina Otero I thanked Grandmother Willow for her wisdom as I placed my right hand on her face. I closed my eyes, felt her energy, and took a deep breath in. I traveled with her -- down to the bottom of her roots. I released all of it there, at the Earth's core. I took another … Continue reading Red Cardinal Medicine

prayer in cerchio

Grotto Prayers: Where Will I Go After Cerchio?

By Trina Otero I'm not Catholic but I knelt for prayer in the grotto outside the kindergarten school in Cerchio. It is so pretty and quaint here. It's not about religion, the Madonna or anything. It just feels special here. So I knelt on the cushioned stool and prayed. First of all, I thanked God and … Continue reading Grotto Prayers: Where Will I Go After Cerchio?

Nature Yoga, Prayers & Healing

By Trina Otero Today I woke up "sick" - kinda feels like hayfever or a cold. My friend and I went to the gym, but I felt my soul tugging at me, yearning to go outside. So I grabbed a yoga mat and weights, and I sat in the grass by the track. I took … Continue reading Nature Yoga, Prayers & Healing