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Feeling My Soul Family/Soul Group | Are You Feeling Yours?

Are you, or have you ever, felt your #soulfamily #starfamily #soulgroup calling you? #starseed #lyran #sirian #hybrid

°∞°♥°∞°Lion’s Gate [8/8/8] of Self Love°∞°♥°∞°

By Trina Otero Thursday I had an inkling that turned into an urge by Friday. I felt a deep desire within to be alone in nature on Saturday, August 8, which is called The Lion's Gate 8/8/8. I've never slept in nature alone, and I haven't camped since I was a child, but the urge was … Continue reading °∞°♥°∞°Lion’s Gate [8/8/8] of Self Love°∞°♥°∞°

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Instructions for White Sage Wolf

By Trina Otero They whispered, "Walk softly. Move gracefully. Leave prints of Light. Protect. Lead with humility. Be firm when needed. Observe. Perfect your fierce gaze. Speak with discernment. Use your senses, feel, and above all, anchor in the Light." - T.O. aka White Sage Wolf. May the Light guide you. Namaste, T.O. _______________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? … Continue reading Instructions for White Sage Wolf