My Experience with Devotion to Hanuman

By Trina Otero Paying Attention to the Signs 👁 The energy of Hanuman and Rama visited me in my dreams on Saturday, Jan 4, 2020. Their energy came to me during an important time while I was in need of divine assistance. Many details in the dream pointed to preparation for New Beginnings, devotion, prayer, … Continue reading My Experience with Devotion to Hanuman

The Seva Chronicles | Ep. 1

By Trina Otero This year has been such an awesome ride, and it's not even over yet! I've moved again, guys. 🙂 Yeah, it's what I do! I met beautiful, resonating people in Central Florida, so this summer I packed and said bye-bye to the state of Indiana [once again] and here I am in the … Continue reading The Seva Chronicles | Ep. 1


The In Between: May You Awaken

By Trina Otero Kali Ma, Kali Ma Kali Ma, Kali Ma Durga, Durga Kali Ma, Kali Ma May You assist all in this monumental transition. So many do not understand, their eyes remain closed yet their soul listens. Break away the illusions that keep them sound asleep. Call upon Shiva; He has risen. 🌙 - … Continue reading The In Between: May You Awaken