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February’s Flush & Fast

By Trina Otero Having health issues? Not going to the bathroom regularly? Are you very gassy? Experiencing energy blocks? Feeling sluggish? Trying to jump-start your body? Do you get migraines, headaches? Haiii everyone! I wanted to keep this simple and short since this is happening overnight. I've pondered for a week about fasting, because I … Continue reading February’s Flush & Fast

Delish Vegetarian Recipes for The Holidays

By Trina Otero Thanksgiving, for the United States, is tomorrow.....and while this MAY be short notice for some...I think these recipes will come in handy for any day, even Christmas. I spoke with a new fantastic friend, Jennifer Perry, who happens to be a food enthusiast and vegetarian like me. Below are her words and … Continue reading Delish Vegetarian Recipes for The Holidays