Self Identity Issues

Through indoctrination, subliminal programming, mind control, many from childhood are told they have to fit in. We have to be the same, dress the same, act the same, laugh at the same things. All we have to do is be ourselves yourself. ~ Ralph Smart Who in the world is Trina Otero? ----- I asked … Continue reading Self Identity Issues

Growing Pains

by Trina Otero How arrogant of me to think I had fully evolved past some lessons. Yes, I've learned a great deal, and I am nowhere near where I used to be nor am I caged in Fear. But it is apparent that learning for my soul evolution will never end. Even when I'm beyond … Continue reading Growing Pains

Friday’s Affirmation

"I meditate on the magnificence of the Being that has created this universe. May It illuminate my mind." - Initiation by Elisabeth Haich Namaste, T.O.

In Silence

My Indian brother complained today that he is the "silent type" after I expressed how excited I am to see him [when I visit him next year]. Destiny brought us to reunite in this life - I am so glad to have him as an amazing friend and "brother," and I know him so well … Continue reading In Silence

The Socratic Inquiry of Passion

By Trina Otero Sometimes I find it hard to understand people who seem passionless. They look at me and ask, "Why?" and I look right back and inquire, "Why not?" - T.O.