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History Lies to You: Indigenous Oppression is Still Alive & Kickin’

By Trina Otero The Truth has many enemies, the lie has many friends. - También La Lluvia History portrays the oppression, slavery, and murder of the indigenous (natives) as something of the past, which is FALSE. This is still reality and still happening in various parts of the world, even in your precious United States … Continue reading History Lies to You: Indigenous Oppression is Still Alive & Kickin’

Pisces craving the ocean like a lover craves her other half.

Water Baby

By Trina Otero Right before I step onto the white sand I get that rush - that feeling I imagine a bride feels right before walking down the aisle. Nervous excitement. The ocean and I have a complicated relationship, but we love each other nonetheless. I was born in Germany, but my DNA screams "Wepa!" … Continue reading Water Baby

Art with Latin Roots

By Trina Otero During a two-week visit in Puerto Rico I was able to explore my heritage. I ate the most amazing foods, saw the most beautiful beaches, trekked through El Yunque Rainforest and swam in a pool beneath a waterfall, and absorbed the most vivid art I have ever seen. I learned about Jose … Continue reading Art with Latin Roots