It is powerful to pray and meditate with your life partner, wife, husband.

A Beautiful Prayer that Transcends All Religions

By Trina Otero May all be blessed by this beautiful prayer. This prayer is in Sanskrit, which is a very ancient, sacred, philosophical language that originated from the area we call India. Sanskrit is known as "The language of the Gods." Below is the beautiful Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal, and below the video is … Continue reading A Beautiful Prayer that Transcends All Religions

Namaste_Anjali Mudra

Invitation: Global Prayer/Meditation for Syria

Ciao & Namaste everyone...I have created this event because I know the best thing I can give right now to Syria and the world are my prayers and energy. If you are unaware of the issues going on in Syria, you can easily find news articles on the Internet. Right now the US is planning/talking … Continue reading Invitation: Global Prayer/Meditation for Syria

Nature Yoga, Prayers & Healing

By Trina Otero Today I woke up "sick" - kinda feels like hayfever or a cold. My friend and I went to the gym, but I felt my soul tugging at me, yearning to go outside. So I grabbed a yoga mat and weights, and I sat in the grass by the track. I took … Continue reading Nature Yoga, Prayers & Healing

Today’s Mantra

Stop Running

Physically running away from emotions/thoughts (anything you feel internally) won't get rid of what troubles you. It will only distract you for awhile. Pretty beaches. Parties. New lovers. New clothes. Road trips. Drugs. All distractions if secretly you are hoping your internal turmoil will magically disappear. If you feel uncomfortable now.. as in you feel … Continue reading Stop Running