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Enjoy This FREE Card Reading 🌹| Pick a Deck & a Card✨

By Trina Otero Aloha everyone! Few days ago I felt inspired to offer a free reading to anyone who tuned into my #WorkWithMeWednesday IG stories for the day. I'm also extending that offer to you✨ So this is pretty fun! Pick which deck resonates with you - there are 4. The Magical Mermaid 🧜🏽‍♀️ & … Continue reading Enjoy This FREE Card Reading 🌹| Pick a Deck & a Card✨


Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 3 – Focus on Self-Talk!

By Trina Otero Day 3: Focus on Self-Talk! "Positive Self-Talk gets You in High Vibrations, which will connect You to a High Vibrational Universal Frequency, which will Attract Positive Vibrations into Your Life! Positive Self-Talk will also help Balance Your Throat Chakra, which is your Fifth Major Chakra, located at Your throat. Visualize Blue, which … Continue reading Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 3 – Focus on Self-Talk!

Video: Manifesting Your Dreams :) I wanted to briefly talk about dreams and how they ARE obtainable. Having a dream [a.k.a. goal] and dreaming big is something we should ALL DO. Everything I say is from my experience and my own research, and of course everyone is free to believe me or not. 🙂 Beauty of free will. I … Continue reading Video: Manifesting Your Dreams 🙂

Be Your Own Guide

By Trina Otero It can be tough when your Earthly Beacons of Light are weathering storms when you need them most. That is why you must hold onto your Faith and keep your flame burning. Be your own Guide. You just might end up being the Light they need too. Namaste, T.O.