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Full Moon Mantra for the Goddess

By Trina Otero, written June 22, 2013 Beautiful Goddess, as I gaze upon your gracious face I thank You. I thank You for your restful energy, absolute and full of promises. Your full and brilliant body shows me that I am complete. You beckon for me to embrace the new-comings. Forgive me. Renew me. Restore … Continue reading Full Moon Mantra for the Goddess

unconditional love, eternal love

The Love Jones

By Trina Otero My spinach & kale mix has the Love Jones like I do 💓💕💓 My heart is so full, full of Love from the Creator. God never stops showing me the unconditional love that is here for me - through the air, flowers, trees; through the majesty of mountains and the rolling thunder … Continue reading The Love Jones

The Dark Side of the Moon

By Trina Otero Sometimes words cannot express what we feel, what we experience within us. It is at this moment we must communicate with our whole being. I acknowledge [the dark side of the Moon] I embrace [the dark side of the Moon] I release [the dark side of the Moon] Namaste T.O.