Show compassion to others

Do You Perceive Some People As Being “Negative?”

By Trina Otero I remember early in my journey I used to label people and things as negative or positive.. And that served me well for that particular time of my growth. But as my understanding deepened and I became more aware of myself, which in turn gave me understanding of others, I realized the … Continue reading Do You Perceive Some People As Being “Negative?”

Create Your World

By Trina Otero The world is not meant for you if you live in a state of fear. The world will eat you alive, because you created IT that way. Nothing is frightening when you exist in Love, and the experiences that were once negative interactions turn into objective observations [and sometimes entertainment] -- Projections … Continue reading Create Your World

My Gratitude for Your Existence

By Trina Otero ~ Namaste ~ T.O.


By Trina Otero I wrote this with a very special person on my mind. I have learned there is a blessing in every curse; a miracle in every sad story; an "Aha!" moment after total darkness. For thorns are accompanied by a rose; storms are followed by glistening rainbows; life springs forth after the dead … Continue reading Perception