Falling out of love

How People Fall Out of Love

By Trina Otero Falling in love, true love, is when two people see one another's soul, the soul which is void of the human flaws that have been acquired while on earth. The soul is pure. Lovers become distant because of pain.. Hurt feelings. Lovers become distant because someone's expectations aren't met, the beautiful shining … Continue reading How People Fall Out of Love

True love vs. dysfunction

True Love Vs. Dysfunction

By Trina Otero Hey lovers, let's remind ourselves of this. The battle between Fear & Love is "real." Ugh, damn duality. You could say it's like the way between good and evil. Light and Dark. But it's real, and until you learn how to transform your fears into Love, you will need to continually, actively … Continue reading True Love Vs. Dysfunction

Destined soulmates

Tied Balloon Strings: The Destiny of Two Hearts

By Trina Otero When I closed my eyes I saw my Love standing beside me. He told me he would show me a clear picture -- he brushed away rubbish from the surface of what looked like a large piece of glass, a window of some sorts. We both looked down into this "window" and … Continue reading Tied Balloon Strings: The Destiny of Two Hearts

Trash Talk

By Trina Otero What I am about to share will most likely bring tears to the eyes of every writer worldwide. And artists. And photographers. Well, anyone with a craft. Ten years' worth of my writing is squashed under tons [literally] of trash in the Outer Loop Landfill. I didn't perform an experiment nor did … Continue reading Trash Talk