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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 12 – Focus on Happiness!

By Trina Otero Day 12: Focus on Happiness! "Give Smiles and Compliments to YourSelf & Others All-Day....If You feel annoyed at any time today, Smile. If You feel YourSelf frown, become aware & turn it into a Smile. The action of Smiling produces hormones in Your Brain that gets Your Happy Vibrations Flowing. The More Happiness … Continue reading Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 12 – Focus on Happiness!


By Trina Otero Beautiful and majestic Standing tall with Earthy curves Like the Himalayas, Love and Light pouring From her deep soul, Yin patiently waits and embraces Soothes, caresses, and adores, With lips like fire She tempts and devours, And when she closes her eyes One can see the Moonlight. Copyright © Trina Otero 2013