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Invitation: Global Prayer/Meditation for Syria

Ciao & Namaste everyone...I have created this event because I know the best thing I can give right now to Syria and the world are my prayers and energy. If you are unaware of the issues going on in Syria, you can easily find news articles on the Internet. Right now the US is planning/talking … Continue reading Invitation: Global Prayer/Meditation for Syria

Sure-Fire Signs You Are Unhappy with Your Life & Want a Change!

If you experience or feel any of the following, most likely you are tired of your current life and desire a New Life [and you can have it!]: Unhappy with your job, or you feel there is no purpose for you Daydream, and when you look at your present life you are unhappy because the … Continue reading Sure-Fire Signs You Are Unhappy with Your Life & Want a Change!

The Truth Is…

By Trina Otero

Three Full Moons

By Trina Otero Three moons have passed while I have been in Italy. Wow. That is crazy...and just like I view my life now-a-days, everything has passed by in phases. From adapting to my surroundings, the language, climate -- to sifting through some unresolved feelings about certain people -- to learning some valuable spiritual lessons. I … Continue reading Three Full Moons

Growing Pains

by Trina Otero How arrogant of me to think I had fully evolved past some lessons. Yes, I've learned a great deal, and I am nowhere near where I used to be nor am I caged in Fear. But it is apparent that learning for my soul evolution will never end. Even when I'm beyond … Continue reading Growing Pains

Being in the Momentness

I realized I don't need to attend an ashram to work on my "being in the momentness." As I tediously worked on removing fabric dye (that an Italian - made dress rubbed onto my super cool leather purse), I remembered I could keep my focus on this ridiculous task. My focus would make it more … Continue reading Being in the Momentness

The Parable of the Italian Wolf Spider

By Trina Otero It was very late into the summer night, past 1 a.m. in Italy, and Tasneen was comfortably sitting on the couch downstairs in her home. She had her iPad, a book, and a set of earbuds beside her. But her phone was in her hands - she was talking to various friends online, … Continue reading The Parable of the Italian Wolf Spider

Dear Beacons of Light, Lightworkers, Lightbearers, Starseeds, Indigo Children

By Trina Otero Dear Ones, Go away when you need to -- to reflect, heal, and find what you feel is calling out to you. But do not stay secluded after you find what you seek. What good is Light if it is kept hidden from the darkness? How will the world see a beacon … Continue reading Dear Beacons of Light, Lightworkers, Lightbearers, Starseeds, Indigo Children

The Blindness

Have you ever been so focused that you would not allow anything to deter you from your goal or destination? Have you ever felt that adrenaline rush, and then the slow-crawling what-the-fuck feeling once you arrived to your end point? It's like, you always knew you would get there...but for some reason the reality of … Continue reading The Blindness


My first sunrise in Italy! Have a wonderful, blessed day/night everyone! Namaste, T.O.