Raspy Rawls & Protestors in Ferguson

Ferguson: What Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You

By Trina Otero My friend Raspy Rawls is a music artist and activist who joined the people in Ferguson in August soon after hearing about Michael Brown's murder. He has been there helping, organizing, and spreading the word from Ground Zero. He shared a detailed account with Houston TREND, which was published Nov. 26, 2014. What … Continue reading Ferguson: What Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You

human nature versus animals

Human Nature Vs. Animal Nature

By Francois Ausar Rigaud I have given this some thought. I pondered how can I explain this image as I understand it without allowing my understanding to reduce the intuitive knowledge I have of this image. Through spirituality and religion the lower nature of humankind has often been labeled as the animal nature and the … Continue reading Human Nature Vs. Animal Nature

Interview with William Brian Butler

William Brian Butler, you are a true hero and Lightworker. The injustice and inhumane acts against the Aboriginal people in Australia shock and disgust me. I don't understand how these human beings justified or found it "correct" in their mind to rape, torture, terrorize, deceive, enslave, uproot, separate, belittle, and even sterilize other human beings … Continue reading Interview with William Brian Butler

Growing up with a Criminal Family

By Trina Otero [reblogged from https://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com] I felt compelled to share my friend's story.... It is a dark tale yet there IS Light at the end and goes to show that change and healing is possible!! Blessings to you, Shaun.