painting of a beautiful full moon

Of Sea Wind and Waxing Gibbous

By Trina Otero Tonight was my last night to privately lay out on the terrace and look up at the magnificent stars. Charles Virtue arrives tomorrow and he will have the third floor of the house, which includes the wonderful, large terrace. A bright, waxing gibbous moon greeted me when I walked outside onto the … Continue reading Of Sea Wind and Waxing Gibbous

Mia Cara Cerchio

By Trina Otero/ Da Trina Otero Tradotto da Germano di Mattia [Per Inglese clicca qui/For English click here] Mi piace qui ... E 'così bello, che vorrei restare qui. Non voglio andare via. Laggiù, lungo l'autostrada, sembriamo delle nidificazioni di grano, lungo le curve delle montagne, ma da quassù mi sento grande. Mi sento magnifica. … Continue reading Mia Cara Cerchio

My Dear Cerchio

By Trina Otero [Per la traduzione in Italiano, clicca qui] I love it here... It's so beautiful. I want to remain here. I don't want to leave. From down there, along the autostrada, we look like grain nesting along the curves of the mountains, but from up here I feel grand. I feel magnificent. I … Continue reading My Dear Cerchio

Our Magical Mountain Peak in the Dolomites, Italy

About two or three weeks ago Jess and I went driving into the Dolomites. She vaguely remembered a road that went high up into the mountains, complete with twists and turns through lush forested areas. We drove high up a range and noticed a fork in the road....and we decided to take the road to … Continue reading Our Magical Mountain Peak in the Dolomites, Italy

Somewhere on I-15 N

By Trina OteroI can see the night sky full of stars. It's magnificent. The dark silhouette of the mountains merge with the sea of sky, which is adorned with thousands of twinkling diamonds. When I stare for a long while, everything else in my sight melts away, and only me and the sky exist.