~💖~ How to Create Miracles ~💖~

By Trina Otero I encourage you to click on the first image, and then hit your right arrow key to go to the next. That is where you will find some secrets. 😉 Namaste, T.O. _______________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work! ❤ All works by Trina Otero is licensed under a … Continue reading ~💖~ How to Create Miracles ~💖~

The Universe

By Trina Otero How can I be so independent and isolated; yet so interconnected, woven together by magical cords of an infinite amount of stars? I don't know, but it is so. So let it be. ♥♥♥ Namaste ♥♥♥ T.O.

What is the Pineal Gland a.k.a. Third Eye? [And how to reactivate it]

By Trina Otero This is something I have wanted to talk about for quite some time now, but the idea has been buried and lost, then remembered only to be forgotten again in my hyperactive mind. I am so happy my friend showed me this blog post today, because I think this is a great, … Continue reading What is the Pineal Gland a.k.a. Third Eye? [And how to reactivate it]

Nature Yoga, Prayers & Healing

By Trina Otero Today I woke up "sick" - kinda feels like hayfever or a cold. My friend and I went to the gym, but I felt my soul tugging at me, yearning to go outside. So I grabbed a yoga mat and weights, and I sat in the grass by the track. I took … Continue reading Nature Yoga, Prayers & Healing

Thoughts on the Sacred Merkaba in Sky, July 29, 2013

Many of you (from the spiritual, astrology, & metaphysics communities at least) know that today marks an incredible event - the sacred geometrical shape of the Merkaba (i.e. Star of David) formed in the sky. I am completely fascinated for a few reasons - I started research on the Merkaba (also known as the light … Continue reading Thoughts on the Sacred Merkaba in Sky, July 29, 2013

Star of David – Merkaba – Grand Sextile Portal on July 29th 2013!




Original Source: http://www.mysticmamma.com/star-of-david-merkaba-grand-sextile-portal-on-july-29th-2013/

On July 29th, 2013 when we will experience a RARE Star of David / Star Tetrahedron configuration in the heavens!
It is actually two Grand Trines, one in Water and one is Earth (all feminine) which create this configuration called a Grand Sextile or a Star Tetrahedron. Many names and much symbolism tied into this Sacred Geometry.
The essence is that this mystical configuration of Sacred Geometry opens a portal of energy that is accessible for those who choose to tune in to it. That is the key.

For rest of orginal article, please click on following link:  http://www.mysticmamma.com/star-of-david-merkaba-grand-sextile-portal-on-july-29th-2013/

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