Namaste_Anjali Mudra

Invitation: Global Prayer/Meditation for Syria

Ciao & Namaste everyone...I have created this event because I know the best thing I can give right now to Syria and the world are my prayers and energy. If you are unaware of the issues going on in Syria, you can easily find news articles on the Internet. Right now the US is planning/talking … Continue reading Invitation: Global Prayer/Meditation for Syria

Friday’s Affirmation

"I meditate on the magnificence of the Being that has created this universe. May It illuminate my mind." - Initiation by Elisabeth Haich Namaste, T.O.

Join the Global Meditation Today – June 23

Global Meditation Movement is a global movement among people from different backgrounds, coming together "to raise the Vibration of the plant with fortnightly synchronized meditations." Join us JUNE 23, 12 p.m. EST/EDT, as we connect with one another spiritually and usher in the energy needed for our planet and for humanity! More than 250,000 people … Continue reading Join the Global Meditation Today – June 23

In Silence

My Indian brother complained today that he is the "silent type" after I expressed how excited I am to see him [when I visit him next year]. Destiny brought us to reunite in this life - I am so glad to have him as an amazing friend and "brother," and I know him so well … Continue reading In Silence

Paying Attention to the Little Things…

By Trina Otero I received the sign/omen I have been praying and meditating on this week! I kept seeing the number sequence 222 as 2:22 p.m. and sometimes I'd look up late at night and see that it was 2:22 a.m. Find out what this sequence means below! The message of Angel Number 222 is … Continue reading Paying Attention to the Little Things…