Conscious acoustic music artist Katie Buxton

Music Monday: “Revolution” by Katie Buxton

By Trina Otero Artist: Katie Buxton Track: Revolution Album: Something Different It's spring - almost summer - and wow, did it bring in some sweet-ass fresh, creative energy. So many of our intentions and creative ideas are birthing, blooming, and right along with this breathe of fresh air is the release of my soul-sis Katie … Continue reading Music Monday: “Revolution” by Katie Buxton

Music Monday: “BET” by HUMAN

By Trina Otero Artist: HUMAN Track: BET Album: GRIND x PRAY Video Production: Jace from A Million Other Things GRIND x PRAY will be a dual sided EP. "BET" is a single from "PRAY." "Grind for everything you need and want in life and pray for the humility and serenity to enjoy the fruits of … Continue reading Music Monday: “BET” by HUMAN

Brittni DeWeese

Charcoal Drawings by Brittni DeWeese

By Trina Otero I think creatives are some of the bravest people on Earth -- creatives put time and effort into creating a physical manifestation of what they feel within them. If they have the courage, they display these intimate pieces publicly regardless of their fears, because deep down they know the outer world needs … Continue reading Charcoal Drawings by Brittni DeWeese

Conscious rap

Conscious-Rap Artist HUMAN Releases His First Music Video

By Trina Otero I'm über excited for two reasons - today is Wednesday [my favorite day of the week] AND today the very talented HUMAN, from Indianapolis, Ind., is releasing his very first music video! This is the first time I have talked about any music artist on my blog, so this should show you … Continue reading Conscious-Rap Artist HUMAN Releases His First Music Video