Butterflies symbolize transformation, into the beauty of the soul

Believe in Yourself

By Trina Otero Featured image captured by Trina Otero Pay attention to the Universe, it is always whispering to you, nudging you, giving clues. Most often, others can see your strengths and gifts clearly, before you recognize them, because you are so accustomed to yourself and your capabilities. You think your gifts are ordinary, an … Continue reading Believe in Yourself

Connection to the Universe, Akosmopolite

My Landline to the Universe

By Trina Otero Carlito is my bridge to the other side. He's my personal connection to the rest of the Universe. I have been thinking a lot since his passing. I have also felt an array of emotions that have led to spontaneous crying and then laughing. But they are just emotions flowing forth... I … Continue reading My Landline to the Universe

My Life, My Message

Let my life be my message. ॐNamasteॐ