Learning a New Language – Don’t Let Ignorance Discourage You

By Trina Otero Ok, this is the "let's keep it real" hour. I usually post positive, uplifting pieces, because, well, that's just me. I know that I don't really write about personal things on here, but I feel like this is a topic that MANY can and will understand. Learning another language. I'm just going to … Continue reading Learning a New Language – Don’t Let Ignorance Discourage You

Create Your World

By Trina Otero The world is not meant for you if you live in a state of fear. The world will eat you alive, because you created IT that way. Nothing is frightening when you exist in Love, and the experiences that were once negative interactions turn into objective observations [and sometimes entertainment] -- Projections … Continue reading Create Your World

Grazie per la Cena

Every night I say to Siena's Nona [means "grandmother" in Italiano], "Grazie per la cena." [Thank you for dinner.] Last night she told Siena to tell me, "You do not need to thank me every day for the food, because I cook from my heart." I asked Siena to tell Nona, "I know...and I want to … Continue reading Grazie per la Cena

Three Full Moons

By Trina Otero Three moons have passed while I have been in Italy. Wow. That is crazy...and just like I view my life now-a-days, everything has passed by in phases. From adapting to my surroundings, the language, climate -- to sifting through some unresolved feelings about certain people -- to learning some valuable spiritual lessons. I … Continue reading Three Full Moons


My first sunrise in Italy! Have a wonderful, blessed day/night everyone! Namaste, T.O.

Got Any Travel Tips for My Adventures in Italy?

By Trina Otero So mi gente, I'm off to Italy in June [inshallah]! I am in the middle of planning a project that will incorporate this blog [can't give away the surprise just yet], and I have a friend already in Italy scoping out areas for us. But I am still hoping to hear suggestions … Continue reading Got Any Travel Tips for My Adventures in Italy?