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The Stolen Generation

By Trina Otero Have you heard of the Stolen Generation? These are the children who were forcibly taken from their families up until the 1970s. In 1869 the Aboriginal Protection Act was put into place in Australia, which "made Victoria the first Colony to enact a comprehensive scheme to regulate the lives of Aboriginal people. … Continue reading The Stolen Generation

Music Monday: “BET” by HUMAN

By Trina Otero Artist: HUMAN Track: BET Album: GRIND x PRAY Video Production: Jace from A Million Other Things GRIND x PRAY will be a dual sided EP. "BET" is a single from "PRAY." "Grind for everything you need and want in life and pray for the humility and serenity to enjoy the fruits of … Continue reading Music Monday: “BET” by HUMAN

When Did Heteros Choose to be Straight?

"Cause I tried to be white for a day and it just didn't work out like I'd hoped." By Dominic Dorsey, Contributing Writer & Activist I just found out something fascinating. I was corrected in a conversation by someone who said LGBT rights aren't a social justice or civil rights issue because it's a choice. "You … Continue reading When Did Heteros Choose to be Straight?

Raspy Rawls & Protestors in Ferguson

Ferguson: What Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You

By Trina Otero My friend Raspy Rawls is a music artist and activist who joined the people in Ferguson in August soon after hearing about Michael Brown's murder. He has been there helping, organizing, and spreading the word from Ground Zero. He shared a detailed account with Houston TREND, which was published Nov. 26, 2014. What … Continue reading Ferguson: What Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You

Maya Angelou: Matriarch of Writers

  By Trina Otero Dr. Maya Angelou, 1928-2014, paved the way for poets, women, and the disenfranchised, bringing a powerful voice and tenacity that demanded attention to the power of written and spoken word. She changed the perception of women, African-Americans, and countless others with words and a voice that could not be ignored. Her … Continue reading Maya Angelou: Matriarch of Writers

Poverty, and its Facets, Have Been Tricked Out & Advertised as Cool

By Trina Otero There is this misconception that "ghettos" are "cool." There are many misconceptions surrounding the topic and word "ghetto," like the stereotype and projected belief how a person should be if he [or she] lives or hangs in the under-supported areas. [I refuse to say "underprivileged" and I'll have to touch on that sometime … Continue reading Poverty, and its Facets, Have Been Tricked Out & Advertised as Cool

Interview with William Brian Butler

William Brian Butler, you are a true hero and Lightworker. The injustice and inhumane acts against the Aboriginal people in Australia shock and disgust me. I don't understand how these human beings justified or found it "correct" in their mind to rape, torture, terrorize, deceive, enslave, uproot, separate, belittle, and even sterilize other human beings … Continue reading Interview with William Brian Butler


What Are They Doing to Our Food?!

By Trina Otero Do you know about GMOs in your food? Genetically Modified Organisms. Please read. May the Light guide you. Namaste, T.O. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work ❤ All works by Trina Otero is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Movie Elysium Raises Important Questions About Humanity

By Trina Otero I saw the movie Elysium today, and I have to say that the creator/writer is brilliant [kudos, Neill Blomkamp]. I am impressed and also deep in thought. If you have not seen this movie, I hope you take time to watch it. It is now at the Redbox as well...and I'm sure you can … Continue reading Movie Elysium Raises Important Questions About Humanity