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Video: How to Recognize Ego & How to Start Living in Bliss ☼

By Trina Otero Are you aware of your Ego and when it is at play, trying to control you? In this video, I share an experience where I was able to recognize & understand ego from a different perspective, and consciously choose to shift out of fear and into a state of bliss! I hope this … Continue reading Video: How to Recognize Ego & How to Start Living in Bliss ☼

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Video: Ego’s #1 Trick | Why You’re Afraid to Try Anything New

By Trina Otero I had an experience during the Lion's Gate [8/8/8] which brought me the opportunity to understand and know about the ego, from a completely different perspective! [Aha! I figured you out Ego!] I briefly speak about it in this video. If you'd like to hear the experience in detail, and how you … Continue reading Video: Ego’s #1 Trick | Why You’re Afraid to Try Anything New

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The Alchemy of Fear

  By Trina Otero "Let my love be greater than my fears. Let my love swallow up my fears and not digest it. No, let it mother the fears until it blooms into its own blossom." - T.O. May the Light guide you. Namaste, T.O. _________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work … Continue reading The Alchemy of Fear

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Fear, I Have No Room for You

By Trina Otero "Fear I have no room for you. I see you want to hide in the corners of my heart, you want to hide in the depths of my chest. But I have no room for you." -T.O. I remember saying this aloud while driving in my car a few months ago. At … Continue reading Fear, I Have No Room for You

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Quote: Two Basic Motivating Forces

By Trina Otero "There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. … Continue reading Quote: Two Basic Motivating Forces

Full Moon in Cancer, January 15, 2014, brings a deep dive into emotions and the opportunity for release.

Step Into The Moonlight: Full Moon in Cancer & Its Effects

By Trina Otero Oh em gee....yes. I just said that, because it's needed! These past two weeks have been interesting. They weren't hard, just spiritually and emotionally interesting. To refresh your memory, the New Year started with a New Moon in Capricorn. I created a post and included passages from two websites that had really good interpretations … Continue reading Step Into The Moonlight: Full Moon in Cancer & Its Effects

His Legacy

I hope everyone takes time to reflect on the lessons taught by the man named "Jesus Christ." This is the true way of living. Namaste, T.O.

Mia Cara Cerchio

By Trina Otero/ Da Trina Otero Tradotto da Germano di Mattia [Per Inglese clicca qui/For English click here] Mi piace qui ... E 'così bello, che vorrei restare qui. Non voglio andare via. Laggiù, lungo l'autostrada, sembriamo delle nidificazioni di grano, lungo le curve delle montagne, ma da quassù mi sento grande. Mi sento magnifica. … Continue reading Mia Cara Cerchio

My Dear Cerchio

By Trina Otero [Per la traduzione in Italiano, clicca qui] I love it here... It's so beautiful. I want to remain here. I don't want to leave. From down there, along the autostrada, we look like grain nesting along the curves of the mountains, but from up here I feel grand. I feel magnificent. I … Continue reading My Dear Cerchio

Love Language

Love is a language that goes beyond words. It's a soul-full and powerful language. It is something that can be spoken in different ways -- secret ways -- to every individual... But the feeling is One and the same. Love is all the same... Love is a Light that pierces through any shade of gray, … Continue reading Love Language