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The Seva Chronicles | Ep. 3

By Trina Otero Thanks for coasting with me. ‚̧ Here is episode 3 of The Seva Chronicles, recorded on 11/11 which was also a New Moon in Scorpio. ūüôā I decided to share my reawakening and activation story from 2011, and the wish I made on 11/11/11 which propelled me to completely surrender to my … Continue reading The Seva Chronicles | Ep. 3

Mass wave of energy coming – Sanat Kumara – 6-10-15

By Trina Otero

A beautiful reminder to remain heart-centered and show compassion & understanding. Knowing that we all chose our paths. Let others unravel to their soul and awaken in their divine time. For those who are awakened, be the Light by staying in your heart, in the bliss of Love.

May the Light guide you.
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Wave after wave of energy is entering your planet in these moments. What you need to understand is these waves are a gift. They contain codes that are changing your DNA and opening you to new and infinite possibilities. As you open, old programming is naturally released. Most of your population is unaware that these changes are taking place and may not realize it for many years until they look back and see the vast changes that have been made. For those that are aware of the process, we look to you to help the others along. You do not do this by pushing your views on another but rather by allowing them the space to go through this process. You do this by simply remaining in your heart and by understanding that all is happening perfectly.

While it is important to help one another, you must be careful not…

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Morning Greetings from the Sun

By Trina Otero I felt a gentle tapping on my left arm. I awoke and opened my eyes. No one there. So I laid in bed and looked out the window. The sun was going to peek through in a few minutes to rise over the horizon. I turned on an album that a friend … Continue reading Morning Greetings from the Sun

The Many Facets of Healing & My Personal Story

By Trina Otero I haven't done a video in a few months, and while I was in Cerchio¬†I felt led to speak openly about the healing journey I have been on since last year [2012]. I recorded this video in September but was unable to edit or upload until recently, due to inconsistent Internet connection. … Continue reading The Many Facets of Healing & My Personal Story

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Grotto Prayers: Where Will I Go After Cerchio?

By Trina Otero I'm not Catholic but I knelt for prayer in the grotto¬†outside the kindergarten school in Cerchio. It is so pretty and quaint here. It's not about religion, the Madonna or anything. It just feels special here. So I knelt on the cushioned stool and prayed. First of all, I thanked God and … Continue reading Grotto Prayers: Where Will I Go After Cerchio?

“Hanging Out With My Cosmic BFF’S.” A Reflection From The Yoga Mat and A QHHT Experience. By, Bella Capozzi. September 12, 2013.

By Trina Otero [reblogged from Bella's site] Thank you, Bella. It really does feel amazing to reconnect with someone from your soul group. And it does feel amazing to reconnect and feel that overwhelming love when you detach from the "chaos." ‚̧

My Path to Cerchio…

By Trina Otero The most important thing in my life is to focus and dedicate my energy to my purpose here, on Earth. To be a citadel of Love. To be a Beacon of Light. I dedicate the majority of my time to my spiritual life, my growth, reading, researching, praying, meditating, and connecting with … Continue reading My Path to Cerchio…

The Lesson of the Italian Lizard

By Trina Otero I kept seeing a lizard walk by the open door downstairs. He couldn't walk inside because the screen was pulled down [they slide down here in Italy, instead of sliding left or right in the US]. I noticed the lizard walked by the doorway each time I was thinking about certain things, … Continue reading The Lesson of the Italian Lizard

Dear Beacons of Light, Lightworkers, Lightbearers, Starseeds, Indigo Children

By Trina Otero Dear Ones, Go away when you need to -- to reflect, heal, and find what you feel is calling out to you. But do not stay secluded after you find what you seek. What good is Light if it is kept hidden from the darkness? How will the world see a beacon … Continue reading Dear Beacons of Light, Lightworkers, Lightbearers, Starseeds, Indigo Children

Thoughts on the Sacred Merkaba in Sky, July 29, 2013

Many of you (from the spiritual, astrology, & metaphysics communities at least) know that today marks an incredible event - the sacred geometrical shape of the Merkaba (i.e. Star of David) formed in the sky. I am completely fascinated for a few reasons - I started research on the Merkaba (also known as the light … Continue reading Thoughts on the Sacred Merkaba in Sky, July 29, 2013