Video: Waves of Energy for Awakening, New Moon + Exploring Emotions 6/16/15

By Trina Otero Here is the article of the channeled message I mentioned in the video: Mass Wave of Energy Coming May the Light guide you. Namaste, T.O.  

Mass wave of energy coming – Sanat Kumara – 6-10-15

By Trina Otero

A beautiful reminder to remain heart-centered and show compassion & understanding. Knowing that we all chose our paths. Let others unravel to their soul and awaken in their divine time. For those who are awakened, be the Light by staying in your heart, in the bliss of Love.

May the Light guide you.
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Wave after wave of energy is entering your planet in these moments. What you need to understand is these waves are a gift. They contain codes that are changing your DNA and opening you to new and infinite possibilities. As you open, old programming is naturally released. Most of your population is unaware that these changes are taking place and may not realize it for many years until they look back and see the vast changes that have been made. For those that are aware of the process, we look to you to help the others along. You do not do this by pushing your views on another but rather by allowing them the space to go through this process. You do this by simply remaining in your heart and by understanding that all is happening perfectly.

While it is important to help one another, you must be careful not…

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Video: My Invitation to Experience Ayahuasca

By Trina Otero Hello beautiful souls, I want to share about Ayahuasca and the journey I am about to take. I will provide links soon as I'm on the road traveling right now. If you really want to know more I encourage you (and know) you will do your own research! 😉 For now, hope … Continue reading Video: My Invitation to Experience Ayahuasca


Aligning Myself with My Purpose: I’m a Teacher, Coach, & Healer

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Trippin, Trippin, We’re All Trippin [on these Energies]

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The Journey to Your Soul

By Trina Otero Namaste, T.O.

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Red Cardinal Medicine

By Trina Otero I thanked Grandmother Willow for her wisdom as I placed my right hand on her face. I closed my eyes, felt her energy, and took a deep breath in. I traveled with her -- down to the bottom of her roots. I released all of it there, at the Earth's core. I took another … Continue reading Red Cardinal Medicine

It is powerful to pray and meditate with your life partner, wife, husband.

A Beautiful Prayer that Transcends All Religions

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End of the Year Mantra

By Trina Otero "I am free. I am ready." Namaste, T.O.

My Path to Cerchio…

By Trina Otero The most important thing in my life is to focus and dedicate my energy to my purpose here, on Earth. To be a citadel of Love. To be a Beacon of Light. I dedicate the majority of my time to my spiritual life, my growth, reading, researching, praying, meditating, and connecting with … Continue reading My Path to Cerchio…