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OMTW Entry 4: Happy New Moon

By Trina Otero Written May 4, 2019 Peace and ...coconut oil grease? ✌️ T.O.

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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 13 – Focus On Nature!

By Trina Otero Day 13: Focus on Nature! "Nature gets us In-tuned with Earth. Our bodies will Vibrate at the Same Frequency as Earth, 7.83 hertz, which is known as the Schumann Resonance. This will help Your Brain waves become Balanced and Your Creative Vibrations will increase. Nature also has Natural Healing properties. Observing and … Continue reading Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 13 – Focus On Nature!

☯ Everything is Divine ☯

By Trina Otero May this call forth and resonate with those needing to hear this message. And so it is. Everything is truly divine. ❤ May the Light continue to guide you. Namaste, T.O. -- ________________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work! ❤ All works by Trina Otero is licensed under … Continue reading ☯ Everything is Divine ☯

The Seva Chronicles | Ep. 1

By Trina Otero This year has been such an awesome ride, and it's not even over yet! I've moved again, guys. 🙂 Yeah, it's what I do! I met beautiful, resonating people in Central Florida, so this summer I packed and said bye-bye to the state of Indiana [once again] and here I am in the … Continue reading The Seva Chronicles | Ep. 1

Morning Dance of a Warrior

By Trina Otero I woke up to God's kiss, on my face; I danced in the sunrise. - T.O. "Once you realize you're a warrior, you treat your life different. You live differently than the rest of the world." - paraphrased from this beautiful song ❤ Namaste, T.O. _______________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but … Continue reading Morning Dance of a Warrior


💫 Where the Magic Begins 💫

By Trina Otero After experiencing hell, I was quickly able to identify peace and this is why my heart sung with gratitude to the Creator. Thank you, after Thank you, after Thank you....and complete surrender to my path. Gratitude is how it all began for me. Faith & Gratitude... And the light, love, glory, and … Continue reading 💫 Where the Magic Begins 💫

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Calling for My Soul Tribe

By Trina Otero Resonance and Authenticity is what matters to me; I'll find you and you'll find me. - T.O.

Dolomites, the Alps

Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 8 – Focus on Gratitude!

By Trina Otero Day 8: Focus on No Complaints! "Pay Attention to All of the Positive Things that are Going on throughout Your day. Write them down & read over Your list. Feel the Happiness & Gratitude Feelings of each of Your Positive moments! Focusing on all of these Positive Thought Prints will get Your Energy … Continue reading Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 8 – Focus on Gratitude!


☼ Happy Birthday Carlito ☼

By Trina Otero Hey Carlito.. Happy Earth birthday. Thank you so, so, so much for giving me the opportunity to forgive you. Thank you for taking that time to seek the Truth, to go within your heart and soul and ask God the questions about life that you were seeking. I know that you know … Continue reading ☼ Happy Birthday Carlito ☼