roadtrip to Philadelphia

Purpose [and Love] Lead Me to Philly

By Trina Otero [Originally written August 30, 2014] Surrendering was the best thing I've ever done. I'm sure some of you have found, or have been led back to, your (spiritual) path & purpose after experiencing some kind of drastic event or series of events. And that's how it was for me. From 2009-2011 I … Continue reading Purpose [and Love] Lead Me to Philly

True Love is Divine Love – Feeling God

By Trina Otero True Love is Divine Love. Unconditional Love. Like Elizabeth Gilbert nicely described it - like sitting in the palm of God's hand. When you feel True Love you feel "washed over," "overwhelmed" with peace, acceptance, joy, gratitude, be-ing. We have the capability to tap into this vast, transformative love by spending quiet … Continue reading True Love is Divine Love – Feeling God

God's promise, akosmopolite

When God Promises…

By Trina Otero Have you ever experienced serendipity right after having an experience or after hoping for a sign? Except I must say I don't really think serendipity is based on luck and is synchronicity. Well, every time I experience a synchronicity I am filled with so much excitement and joy; tingling all over from … Continue reading When God Promises…

Connection to the Universe, Akosmopolite

My Landline to the Universe

By Trina Otero Carlito is my bridge to the other side. He's my personal connection to the rest of the Universe. I have been thinking a lot since his passing. I have also felt an array of emotions that have led to spontaneous crying and then laughing. But they are just emotions flowing forth... I … Continue reading My Landline to the Universe

My Life, My Message

Let my life be my message. ॐNamasteॐ

Find Your Own Truth

'Go your own way, on the path you select for yourself, corresponding to your own innermost inclinations. Don't accept any statement because I made it. Even if it is true a hundred times over, it still is not your truth, it still is not your experience, and it will not belong to you. Bring truth … Continue reading Find Your Own Truth

Paying Attention to the Little Things…

By Trina Otero I received the sign/omen I have been praying and meditating on this week! I kept seeing the number sequence 222 as 2:22 p.m. and sometimes I'd look up late at night and see that it was 2:22 a.m. Find out what this sequence means below! The message of Angel Number 222 is … Continue reading Paying Attention to the Little Things…

Hip-Hop Artist HUMAN Releases EP Album, Dissonance

By Trina Otero dis·so·nance: noun - lack of agreement; especially : inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one's actions and one's beliefs HUMAN, a conscious hip-hop artist from Indianapolis, Ind., released his EP album Dissonance today. What a clever title for his artwork. While I am inclined to appreciate music and feel its … Continue reading Hip-Hop Artist HUMAN Releases EP Album, Dissonance

11:11 Wishes

By Trina Otero Exactly one year ago (11.11.11) I made a wish at 11:11 p.m. With harnessed optimism and excitement, I sat on my favorite red sofa in my midtown Indianapolis apartment, closed my eyes and allowed my mind to stand still. Then I made my wish. I prayed for spiritual growth, to be filled … Continue reading 11:11 Wishes