My Anthem — I’m a Renegade I believe everyone should pay attention to lyrics -- then you can decipher real music from the noise. Electro and dubstep are dope as hell, but powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics turn a dope dub track into a stellar mindfuck [in a good way]! Every person should listen to Eva Simons' lyrics in this … Continue reading My Anthem — I’m a Renegade

Pisces craving the ocean like a lover craves her other half.

Water Baby

By Trina Otero Right before I step onto the white sand I get that rush - that feeling I imagine a bride feels right before walking down the aisle. Nervous excitement. The ocean and I have a complicated relationship, but we love each other nonetheless. I was born in Germany, but my DNA screams "Wepa!" … Continue reading Water Baby

Got Any Travel Tips for My Adventures in Italy?

By Trina Otero So mi gente, I'm off to Italy in June [inshallah]! I am in the middle of planning a project that will incorporate this blog [can't give away the surprise just yet], and I have a friend already in Italy scoping out areas for us. But I am still hoping to hear suggestions … Continue reading Got Any Travel Tips for My Adventures in Italy?