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Mantras for March to Remove Blocks & Increase Life Force Energy

By Trina Otero Good morning on this beautiful Monday! We're about to move into March [Yipee! My birth month] so I am sharing two very powerful, moving mantras that have really touched me. My intention for you is for these mantras to remove all blocks [of fear] so that you can increase your life force … Continue reading Mantras for March to Remove Blocks & Increase Life Force Energy

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Video: How to Recognize Ego & How to Start Living in Bliss ☼

By Trina Otero Are you aware of your Ego and when it is at play, trying to control you? In this video, I share an experience where I was able to recognize & understand ego from a different perspective, and consciously choose to shift out of fear and into a state of bliss! I hope this … Continue reading Video: How to Recognize Ego & How to Start Living in Bliss ☼

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Video: Ego’s #1 Trick | Why You’re Afraid to Try Anything New

By Trina Otero I had an experience during the Lion's Gate [8/8/8] which brought me the opportunity to understand and know about the ego, from a completely different perspective! [Aha! I figured you out Ego!] I briefly speak about it in this video. If you'd like to hear the experience in detail, and how you … Continue reading Video: Ego’s #1 Trick | Why You’re Afraid to Try Anything New

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Sharing the Magic – Jupiter & Venus

By Trina Otero Full Moon is tomorrow evening – July 1, 2015, at [7:20 pm PDT/ 8:20 pm MDT/ 9:20 PM CDT/ 10:20 pm EDT] and the “magic” begins just after Midnight tonight [June 30] – JUPITER CONJUNCT VENUS is a lift of feminine power and magic, freedom and abundance! We are pure love in action and … Continue reading Sharing the Magic – Jupiter & Venus


Wild Hair

Wild hair should be celebrated. I'm exhausted with the suggestions to flatten it or "why don't you do something to it?" Especially from men. As if to say my hair is not good enough. It's much like me, with its own attitude and moods, and it wants to be as free and wild as I want to be. 🍃💜🍃 - T.O

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How Do You Think a Revolution Begins?

By Trina Otero I was younger than 10 years of age when I discovered Ernest Hemingway. His literature and expatriate life whisked me away to a vision.. A vision I would always keep in my mind and heart. I yearned for a group of Lost Generation'ers - I knew I would need to connect with … Continue reading How Do You Think a Revolution Begins?

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Money Isn’t Real

By Trina Otero Money is a human idea. It isn't real. It is a thing we give meaning to, yet it isn't free and it can be destroyed. It is a tool used to keep masses working within a framework, within a system. Like any tool, we have the choice how we want to use it. … Continue reading Money Isn’t Real

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Video: We Are Free!

By Trina Otero Ralph Smart took the words out of my mouth! This coincides nicely with my NYE video as well. Listen well and feel it. And welcome to reality 🙂 May the Light guide you. Namaste, T.O. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work with my name and the original … Continue reading Video: We Are Free!

Create Your World

By Trina Otero The world is not meant for you if you live in a state of fear. The world will eat you alive, because you created IT that way. Nothing is frightening when you exist in Love, and the experiences that were once negative interactions turn into objective observations [and sometimes entertainment] -- Projections … Continue reading Create Your World

Story of the Tar Pit from Kryon

I found this parable, which is fascinating, while reading the script from the channelling of Kryon at the United Nations in 1995 by Lee Carroll. Although I am not sure how I feel yet about channelled messages, I did find resonance with the overall message of this parable. Enjoy!It seems that all humanity was hindered … Continue reading Story of the Tar Pit from Kryon