Full Review: Anderson Estates

We lived here for 7 months, we just moved out due to the irresponsibility of the staff - Regina (manager) & Tanya (newly hired leasing agent). They're the only 2 that run the office. Tanya is not trained in certain things like handling late rent, she didn't even know the number for corporate or how … Continue reading Full Review: Anderson Estates

Self Identity Issues

Through indoctrination, subliminal programming, mind control, many from childhood are told they have to fit in. We have to be the same, dress the same, act the same, laugh at the same things. All we have to do is be ourselves 100%...love yourself. ~ Ralph Smart Who in the world is Trina Otero? ----- I asked … Continue reading Self Identity Issues

Pisces craving the ocean like a lover craves her other half.

Water Baby

By Trina Otero Right before I step onto the white sand I get that rush - that feeling I imagine a bride feels right before walking down the aisle. Nervous excitement. The ocean and I have a complicated relationship, but we love each other nonetheless. I was born in Germany, but my DNA screams "Wepa!" … Continue reading Water Baby