What Are They Doing to Our Food?!

By Trina Otero Do you know about GMOs in your food? Genetically Modified Organisms. Please read. May the Light guide you. Namaste, T.O. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work ❤ All works by Trina Otero is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Natural Ways to Detox the Liver

By Trina Otero The liver is considered the father and the organizer of the body when it comes to the blood. It gives direction to the blood, "telling" it which organ to flow to. Our emotions stem from the liver, so a stressed liver can be the root cause of anger and moodiness. Without a … Continue reading Natural Ways to Detox the Liver

Delish Vegetarian Recipes for The Holidays

By Trina Otero Thanksgiving, for the United States, is tomorrow.....and while this MAY be short notice for some...I think these recipes will come in handy for any day, even Christmas. I spoke with a new fantastic friend, Jennifer Perry, who happens to be a food enthusiast and vegetarian like me. Below are her words and … Continue reading Delish Vegetarian Recipes for The Holidays

A List [with Photos] of Reasons Why I Love Italy!

By Trina Otero #1 - Hands down, the coffee!! Macchiatone, macchiato, espresso... Whatever you would like to call it. THE BEST [aside from my Tia's cafe con leche ;)] #2 - The roads... Because in most places I can/have to walk everywhere, which gives me a free workout 😉 #3 - Fresh, local, mostly home … Continue reading A List [with Photos] of Reasons Why I Love Italy!

Grazie per la Cena

Every night I say to Siena's Nona [means "grandmother" in Italiano], "Grazie per la cena." [Thank you for dinner.] Last night she told Siena to tell me, "You do not need to thank me every day for the food, because I cook from my heart." I asked Siena to tell Nona, "I know...and I want to … Continue reading Grazie per la Cena

Chapter 2: Dober dan from Slovenia & Croatia!

I was never a sneakerhead, and I honestly don't think I qualify as one now [these dudes are hard core in their culture]. But I do admit some sneakers have called out to me in the past -- their appearance and character as unique as my personality. And.. This seems to be how I united … Continue reading Chapter 2: Dober dan from Slovenia & Croatia!

IN MY URINE! – Weed killer found in human urine across Europe – Chemicals, used by Monsanto GMO Crops