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Calling for My Soul Tribe

By Trina Otero Resonance and Authenticity is what matters to me; I'll find you and you'll find me. - T.O.

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The Truth About Love

By Trina Otero The truth's always been Love. It was, has been, and will always be Love. If you have studied at least a few different religions you will recognize a universal theme -- Love. Because of different cultural lens and understandings, the way Love and the path to a love-filled life may be … Continue reading The Truth About Love

Growing up with a Criminal Family

By Trina Otero [reblogged from] I felt compelled to share my friend's story.... It is a dark tale yet there IS Light at the end and goes to show that change and healing is possible!! Blessings to you, Shaun.

Ghost Trains, Italian Beaches, Mariachiala, & Tequila Shots in Cerchio

These past two days have been interesting -- I have not gone to bed [a.k.a had decent sleep] since Tuesday night. Wednesday night I did not go to sleep because I had to catch a train at 4:19 a.m. Thursday morning from Sacile to Venezia [Venice]. I did not see any point in sleeping -- … Continue reading Ghost Trains, Italian Beaches, Mariachiala, & Tequila Shots in Cerchio

Sure-Fire Signs You Are Unhappy with Your Life & Want a Change!

If you experience or feel any of the following, most likely you are tired of your current life and desire a New Life [and you can have it!]: Unhappy with your job, or you feel there is no purpose for you Daydream, and when you look at your present life you are unhappy because the … Continue reading Sure-Fire Signs You Are Unhappy with Your Life & Want a Change!

The Truth Is…

By Trina Otero

For Tio Artie

by Trina Otero Familia: I did write this from my point of view and my beliefs, and it's from the heart. This is intended to express what I believe AND to bring comfort (I hope). So here's the deal. My uncle's heart abruptly stopped (I believe) and he went into a coma. My facts may … Continue reading For Tio Artie

If this is true, this is dope.

Lifted Lamp

Today, the USCIS  finally published the much-awaited rule on the unlawful presence waiver (I-601A), which will take effect on March 4, 2013.  We previewed this development in this blog in October 2012.

This is an enormous development.  The so-called stateside waiver process will allow thousands of immigrants to take the steps to regularize their immigration status.  The new waiver provisions do nothing to change the substantive requirement that an immigrant demonstrate that the denial of her permanent residence would cause extreme hardship to her U.S. citizen spouse or parent, but do eliminate the risk of long-term separation that has always been required to even seek the waiver.  By relocating decision-making of waivers to the United States and allowing immigrants to seek them in advance of their departure for their home country, this new regulation should reduce the numbers of immigrants without status in a humane way that honors family relationships.


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