God's promise, akosmopolite

When God Promises…

By Trina Otero Have you ever experienced serendipity right after having an experience or after hoping for a sign? Except I must say I don't really think serendipity is based on luck and chance...it is synchronicity. Well, every time I experience a synchronicity I am filled with so much excitement and joy; tingling all over from … Continue reading When God Promises…

Destined soulmates

Tied Balloon Strings: The Destiny of Two Hearts

By Trina Otero When I closed my eyes I saw my Love standing beside me. He told me he would show me a clear picture -- he brushed away rubbish from the surface of what looked like a large piece of glass, a window of some sorts. We both looked down into this "window" and … Continue reading Tied Balloon Strings: The Destiny of Two Hearts

Cerchio, Italy

Sleepy Cerchio, Tell Me My Destiny

By Trina Otero The village of Cerchio sleeps while I sit at the edge of the castle wall, pondering my destiny.

Confirmation of My Soul Purpose

I am ready. ❤ ॐNamasteॐ, T.O.

Looking in the Mirror