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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 6 – Focus on Your Desires!

By Trina Otero Day 6: Focus on Your Desires! "Visualize Your future Desires being in Your life in the present and act as if You already have Your Desires.Ā Visualizing Your Desires will help you develop Positive Vibrations in Your Habit mind and connects You To a High Vibrational Universal Frequency! This will help You Balance … Continue reading Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 6 – Focus on Your Desires!

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Craving Control Poisons the Soul

Truth? Everybody has theirs, or so they believe. Where it appears to be couples dancing, there is but a single dancer who hasn't only enchanted the crowd with a rhythm shrouded in mystique, but imprinted on their fantasies as well. Craving control we protect these fantasies from interruption, and that one dancer is forgotten, that … Continue reading Craving Control Poisons the Soul

Why November 11 Is So Important to Me!

I have never posted two videos in one day, but I felt this was necessary! I hope this resonates and inspires you! Much love & Namaste, T.O. P.S. Funny YouTube thumbnail, ehh? šŸ˜‰