Growing up with a Criminal Family

By Trina Otero [reblogged from] I felt compelled to share my friend's story.... It is a dark tale yet there IS Light at the end and goes to show that change and healing is possible!! Blessings to you, Shaun.

Learning a New Language – Don’t Let Ignorance Discourage You

By Trina Otero Ok, this is the "let's keep it real" hour. I usually post positive, uplifting pieces, because, well, that's just me. I know that I don't really write about personal things on here, but I feel like this is a topic that MANY can and will understand. Learning another language. I'm just going to … Continue reading Learning a New Language – Don’t Let Ignorance Discourage You

Teacher Woes

By Trina Otero My former middle school students have been writing me on Facebook and Instagram, asking, no..practically begging, me to come back and be their teacher again. That sucks. You know why? Because it isn't that simple. First of all, it sucks because many of them thought I left I had to explain to them … Continue reading Teacher Woes

The Truth Is…

By Trina Otero

The Blindness

Have you ever been so focused that you would not allow anything to deter you from your goal or destination? Have you ever felt that adrenaline rush, and then the slow-crawling what-the-fuck feeling once you arrived to your end point? It's like, you always knew you would get there...but for some reason the reality of … Continue reading The Blindness

No One is Perfect (Yet)

I remember watching a talk show about two years ago - the host was interviewing a woman who had been held captive, along with others, in a country outside the US. The talk show host said she had heard the woman had become "savage-like" during her forced stay. I remember the look on the woman's … Continue reading No One is Perfect (Yet)