Mother Mary Mary Magdalene Divine Feminine Priestess Trina Akosmopolite

Devotion to Mother Mary

By Trina Otero Featured Image: One of my previous altars Thank you Grandmother Anna, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene. Thank you to all the Marys before me, the Marys here with me now, and the Marys who will follow. Happy New Moon in Taurus šŸŒš ! This post is very special to me -- to share … Continue reading Devotion to Mother Mary

Pranic healing combines science and spirituality

Pranic Healing – Healing Modality Backed by Science!

By Trina Otero Hi everyone! I am now officially a certified Pranic Healer - certification received December 2016 - and I want as many people as possible to know how this healing modality can help you heal and improve your life, health, and energy! This modality's strong focus on clearing energy highly resonated with me … Continue reading Pranic Healing – Healing Modality Backed by Science!