How to Destroy the Child’s Mind

By Trina Otero It's so interesting to see the lives we lead. As I stare at an 8-year-old girl I see how We are born into a complicated Web, created by our parents and those before us. And from the moment We arrive here we are subconsciously taught that We have no say, power, right, … Continue reading How to Destroy the Child’s Mind

A List [with Photos] of Reasons Why I Love Italy!

By Trina Otero #1 - Hands down, the coffee!! Macchiatone, macchiato, espresso... Whatever you would like to call it. THE BEST [aside from my Tia's cafe con leche ;)] #2 - The roads... Because in most places I can/have to walk everywhere, which gives me a free workout šŸ˜‰ #3 - Fresh, local, mostly home … Continue reading A List [with Photos] of Reasons Why I Love Italy!

Ghost Trains, Italian Beaches, Mariachiala, & Tequila Shots in Cerchio

These past two days have been interesting -- I have not gone to bed [a.k.a had decent sleep] since Tuesday night. Wednesday night I did not go to sleep because I had to catch a train at 4:19 a.m. Thursday morning from Sacile to Venezia [Venice]. I did not see any point in sleeping -- … Continue reading Ghost Trains, Italian Beaches, Mariachiala, & Tequila Shots in Cerchio

Are You For Us?

Are You For Us?

This is a legit question. It's also the slogan for Forus Athletics, a socially-conscious athletic wear brand that launched August 4 in downtown Indianapolis. Forus' founders [former and current athletes] wanted to solve a problem with shoes that many other athletes experience - worn down and/or non-supportive insoles - but they also wanted to create something that would benefit people outside the athletic & shoe fields. They wanted to create a brand with an even greater purpose - a movement. So they invented an insole that provides support with amazing comfort [I kid you not], and they have forever pledged 10% of profits to organizations worldwide that service children. They have also promised to award scholarships to US college students who wish to work in career fields that involve and/or aid youth. Forus is not just a business, it's a cause that has brought together friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers who wish to contribute their individual talents and expertise to help Forus succeed. It has given everyone a feeling of purpose and community. Forus Athletics has been running a campaign on the crowd-funding site, and there are only 4 days left. BUT I am so excited to say that Forus is more than halfway to its goal! With a collective effort and one last push I believe Forus can meet its goal of $40,000. [Campaign here:] That is why I ask - "Are You FOR US?"