Enjoy Deep House Vibes by DJ Uzo

I love the new mix mi amigo, DJ Uzo, dropped last night on SoundCloud. Hope you dig it! Listen, share, download [free]! DJ Uzo Deep House DJ Uzo FB Page Studio 77 FB Page Studio 77

City of Concrete & Metal

By Trina Otero "My heart mourns a little. So much concrete and metal." - T.O. [Don't be afraid to click on the photos below!] Namaste, T.O.

Zombies in Chicago

By Trina Otero It's cold. A stupid cold for the month of March, and the wind is nippy. I guess that's why they call it The Windy City. BUT the sun is so brilliant and the birds are singing their hearts out to the city folk. Everywhere I look I see amazing, beautiful people - … Continue reading Zombies in Chicago