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Wakefulness is the Way to Life, the Fool Sleeps

By Trina Otero That Blue Moon called, did you listen? Buddha says: "Wakefulness is the way to life. The fool sleeps As if he were already dead, But the Master is awake And he lives forever. He watches. He is clear. How happy he is! For he sees that wakefulness is life. How happy he … Continue reading Wakefulness is the Way to Life, the Fool Sleeps

Three Full Moons

By Trina Otero Three moons have passed while I have been in Italy. Wow. That is crazy...and just like I view my life now-a-days, everything has passed by in phases. From adapting to my surroundings, the language, climate -- to sifting through some unresolved feelings about certain people -- to learning some valuable spiritual lessons. I … Continue reading Three Full Moons