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Traveling Thoughts

By Trina Otero Every time I take to the road I feel surges of inspirational energy, and I daydream of blank pages to fill. Crisp, white pages in a book just screaming for me to write on. I know where my destination is, but I'm never sure what or who I will encounter along the … Continue reading Traveling Thoughts

Follow Me on Bloglovin!

Hello all! I have joined Bloglovin so I can have all my favorite blogs in one spot AND so that others can find my blog there too! 🙂 It is a great site and mobile app! Check it out! Namaste, T.O.

My First Liebster Award & My Nominations

By Trina Otero Well, this is too cool! My friend and soul sis Pree listed me as her #1 nomination -- thank you sis! I am very flattered! Pree is the wonderful writer at Live, Love, Laugh, Learn. Thank you again sister, Namaste. I love you. 🙂 With many thanks to Pree and Lorraine Marie Reguly I have … Continue reading My First Liebster Award & My Nominations

Our Magical Mountain Peak in the Dolomites, Italy

About two or three weeks ago Jess and I went driving into the Dolomites. She vaguely remembered a road that went high up into the mountains, complete with twists and turns through lush forested areas. We drove high up a range and noticed a fork in the road....and we decided to take the road to … Continue reading Our Magical Mountain Peak in the Dolomites, Italy

Fives and Threes…

As the time to leave to Italy draws near [40 days left to be exact] I have been prepping -- and by prepping I mean attempting to find a good flight. Well, the other day as I was about to hop on my laptop to search for flights, I looked down at my phone and … Continue reading Fives and Threes…

Are You For Us?

Are You For Us?

This is a legit question. It's also the slogan for Forus Athletics, a socially-conscious athletic wear brand that launched August 4 in downtown Indianapolis. Forus' founders [former and current athletes] wanted to solve a problem with shoes that many other athletes experience - worn down and/or non-supportive insoles - but they also wanted to create something that would benefit people outside the athletic & shoe fields. They wanted to create a brand with an even greater purpose - a movement. So they invented an insole that provides support with amazing comfort [I kid you not], and they have forever pledged 10% of profits to organizations worldwide that service children. They have also promised to award scholarships to US college students who wish to work in career fields that involve and/or aid youth. Forus is not just a business, it's a cause that has brought together friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers who wish to contribute their individual talents and expertise to help Forus succeed. It has given everyone a feeling of purpose and community. Forus Athletics has been running a campaign on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo.com, and there are only 4 days left. BUT I am so excited to say that Forus is more than halfway to its goal! With a collective effort and one last push I believe Forus can meet its goal of $40,000. [Campaign here: bit.ly/QkgDOr] That is why I ask - "Are You FOR US?"