♀ ¡Happy International Women’s Day! ♀

By Trina Otero Namaste, T.O.

honoring sacred feminine

The Eye of the Beholder

By Trina Otero Why wait for someone to notice the beauty that is Present? Why wait for confirmation to what I already feel and know? I am in love with myself, my body. My curves remind me of Earth and her beautiful creations. My skin reminds me of glistening desert sand under the sun. It … Continue reading The Eye of the Beholder

My Skin Healing Journey Pt. II

By Trina Otero Last month I wrote about the skin issues I have had for the past few years. I gave a run down of [ineffective] products I tried, the lifestyle changes I made, and the recent all natural approach I decided to take. To get a clear idea of how bad my adult acne … Continue reading My Skin Healing Journey Pt. II


By Trina Otero Beautiful and majestic Standing tall with Earthy curves Like the Himalayas, Love and Light pouring From her deep soul, Yin patiently waits and embraces Soothes, caresses, and adores, With lips like fire She tempts and devours, And when she closes her eyes One can see the Moonlight. Copyright © Trina Otero 2013